“Ate Zabalik” social gathering

Dos personas realizando manualidadesThe “ATE ZABALIK” programme provides opportunities for obtaining information, for leisure and for being part of a group by bringing together people of different nationalities at the association's premises on Saturday evenings. 
The main aim is on the one hand, to foster the intermingling of different groups, and on the other, to break up situations of isolation and exclusion by two main means: 

  • A place open to people of different cultures and ages, where they can meet to exchange experiences and thus palliate the feeling of loneliness generated by the migration process.
  • Holding of, and information about, recreational activities and/or cultural outings and the educational games and leisure activities on offer; magazine reading room and library; Internet-enabled computers; tea/coffee area; television and DVD player.

Conde Mirasol 11-lonja1ª, Bilbao · Telef y Fax: 94.416.06.60 ·