Etorkinekin Bat is a non-profit association grounded in a voluntary commitment to serving the immigrant community.

Its organs of Government and Administration come under the following collegial organs:

  • The General Meeting of members as the Supreme Organ.
  • The Board of Management as the permanent Collegial Organ of management.

To carry out its activities, it has volunteers, employees and trainees, and also freelance contributors.

Staff organization is carried out by optimizing the work of the different people while ensuring users receive an adequate level of service. For this purpose functions, tasks and responsibilities are clearly defined and shared out, in line with assessments done at the various meetings which we hold throughout the year.
Within our organization inter-disciplinary working, the teamwork method and liaison are closely inter-related, and they all serve to enhance the quality of our service in each of the social action spheres in which we work.


Conde Mirasol 11-lonja1ª, Bilbao · Telef y Fax: 94.416.06.60 ·